Scheme->JVM: Calculating space req's 
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 Scheme->JVM: Calculating space req's

In order to generate Java bytecode or even Java assembler, you need to
calculate the space requirements of the methods of each class, namely
the size of an array holding local variables, and a local stack
(operand stack) for the method (for holding temporary values, making
calls to and acquiring results from other methods, etc.). These data
structures are put in a so-called frame by the JVM runtime system. A
frame represents a function activation.

In order to generate JVM bytecode from Scheme code, you need to be
able to determine the space requirements statically. It seems to us
that space requirements ARE decidable, since
 a) Scheme is statically scoped, and all bindings are known at compile
 b) Since you can convert Scheme to Java, and Java is so decidable,
    Scheme should be, too.

Naturally, as budding scientists we wish to make an effort to disprove
this. So, can anyone write a Scheme function whose space requirements
can NOT be calculated, or possibly dig up some research reports
showing that it's impossible? Note that we're only interested in
possible mischief done inside of a function.


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