Second Call -- WWW5 Workshop (Paris, 6 May 1996) 
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 Second Call -- WWW5 Workshop (Paris, 6 May 1996)

Second Call for Participation WWW5 Workshop (Paris, 6 May 1996)

 Programming the Web -- a search for APIs

The call for participation can be found at URL(s)

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~eliens/WWW5/workshop.html

For your convenience, the text is (partially) included below.

Invited speaker: Luca Cardelli -- What is the Web's Model of Computation?


Position papers must be submitted by email before April 8 1996
Notification of acceptance: 15 April 1996

Mail contributions to:


Programming the Web - a search for APIs

The workshop focusses on
concepts and requirements for high-level API
suitable for developing Web-aware applications.
An explicit goal of the workshop is to publish
state of the art references to existing APIs for
the variety of existing languages, including C, C++,
Modula-2/3, Ada (95), Eiffel, Tcl, Perl, Rexx, Java, Smalltalk,...

Workshop Committee

The Chairman, and committee members contacts:

Anton Eliens (Chair)

David De Roure

Simon Dobson


The workshop focusses on the issue of what support should
provided for developing Web-aware applications.

Topics include: see http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~eliens/WWW5/workshop.html

We like the workshop to result in
 * the definition of requirements for high-level APIs
and frameworks for Web programming
 * the characterization of suitable components
for Web-aware applications,
 * an overview of existing APIs for the Web

Position papers

Position papers from 3-5 (HTML-2.0) pages addressing one of
the topics mentioned are welcomed.
Position papers proposing an API must include a
brief description of the API, its intended
application domain and preferably
an indication of practical experience.

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