SCM soft port for Motif text widget 
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 SCM soft port for Motif text widget

Before I attempt to do this myself, has anyone written an extension to
SCM or Guile to create an input and/or output port connected to a Motif
text widget.  I normally run the interpreter within Emacs so I get all
the benefits of blinking parens, command history, etc.  However, many
of my co-workers are severely vi-impaired ;-)  What I had in mind was
to create a text widget that the interpreter could use for the i/o port.
I could then build some of the conveniences into this widget.  Alter-
native thoughts and ideas welcome!


Tom McKay                                 PO Box 13665
Senior Software Engineer                  Research Triangle Park, NC
Avant! Corporation                        919.941.6628


Sun, 20 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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