Sound waves 
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 Sound waves

                             PLEASE HELP!!!
If you are a Pascal programmer please help me with the following.

I want a Pascal SOURCE CODE of a program that I will describe below.
The program must do the following:

I want to play a sound at for example 500 cycles(Sound(500);) through the
microphone socket(Port:220,  IRQ:5,  DMA:1(low),  DMA5(high)) using a SB
16 sound card.  All that the program must do is is give more or less a
numeric value of what is entering the mic socket at the moment.  

For example if I play a 200 cycle sound it must give a value of say
between 100 and 300 and if I play at 1200 cycles it must give a value of
say 600 to 900.
Take another example - the comercial program "Wave studio".  It form a
certain wavepatern for each sound. It will form the same patern if the
same sound is played.  The program must be like that, just the
wavelengt,amplitude,frequency or whatever must be display as a numiric

If it is possible can the program be made to reconize about 24 different
sounds like the example above.

When the program is compiled all that it must display on the screen is
the numeric value.  Please write or provide a source code that will work
on a 6.0 Pascal version or less.

Please help me with this. I don't have the knowledge to write a program
like that and I need it very urgent. So please, if you can write it
yourself or provide a source code please do so.

NOTE:  Please reply via e-mail


Tue, 27 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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