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SIOD 3.0 is now released. It is located on in
the directory pub/gjc, and also in the
scheme repository.

New features of note:

 - expandable heap
 - SQL interface to Oracle relational database (via OCI).
 - SQL interface to DIGITAL Equipment RDB (via SQL SERVICES).
 - Windows NT / WIN32 port.
 - fully prototyped for compliance with C++ compilers.
 - more string manipulation and conversion functions.
 - repl_c_string API for use in window event loops and applications.
 - executable still small, 42Kbytes on VAX.

People who have written C code which uses or extends SIOD shouldn't
have any problem with upgrading to the new version.


p.s. SIOD is copyleft free. It may be encorporated in commercial

Tue, 15 Oct 1996 14:06:01 GMT  
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