Survey on availabilit of POSIX 1003.4 threads 
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 Survey on availabilit of POSIX 1003.4 threads

There is a family of operating-system standards being developed now
called POSIX. These have an impact on the portability of programs
but also have the effect of popularizing programming constructs
that existing systems may not have, but because they become standard
vendors will implement them.

This is a survey on the availability of a feature of POSIX 1003.4a
called Threads. (This is a draft standard). For those who haven't heard
of them, threads are a multi-programming construct that can be used
to implement co-routines, streams, processes, and the like.
They are quite similar in inpact to LISPMACHINE STACK-GROUPS really,
although without the "dynamic unwinding" implications.

In SIOD version 2.5 I plan to make use of threads, possibly as
a required feature in running the garbage collector. [I also plan
on using ansi-style procedure prototypes.]

Currently I know that POSIX 1003.4a threads are available in VMS 5.5,
and not being one to release VMS-only software to the network,
I would like to find out what systems currently have thread implementations.

Q0: What computer/os are you using?
Q1: Does your system have an include file pthread.h?
Q2: Does it have procedures (look in include file or use "man") such as:
    * pthread_create, pthread_detach, pthread_getprio, pthread_mutex_lock?
Q3: Does the documentation mention POSIX 1003.4* in relation to these?
Q4: Was the thread code vendor-supplied?
Q5: Was the thread code public domain, and where did it come from?


Sun, 24 Jul 1994 15:16:01 GMT  
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