Which implementation? 
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 Which implementation?

Hi all,
I'm looking for a free implementation of scheme
interpreter and compiler. Can you suggest me
Thanks in andvance.

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Sun, 07 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Which implementation?


>Hi all,
>I'm looking for a free implementation of scheme
>interpreter and compiler. Can you suggest me
>Thanks in andvance.

These are the schemes in the Debian GNU/Linux system. All of them are
"free beer" free. Most are "free speech" free, as well.  Most of them
implement R4RS or R5RS, but some lack support for some features of the
language. Generally, they should run on any Unix, and most probably
can be made to run on Win32 platforms, as well.

You can probably find more by exploring www.scheme.org.

Note that most of this is just from rapidly looking at the
documentation for the packages, there might be some mistakes.

GUILE, at ftp://ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu/pub/su/scsh/scsh.tar.gz
Interpreter only, primarily intended as an extension language
Licensed under GNU GPL

Bigloo, at http://kaolin.unice.fr/bigloo/bigloo.html
Interpreter and compiler, a bunch of extensions to scheme
Licensed under GNU GPL

Stalin, at ftp://ftp.nj.nec.com/pub/qobi/stalin.tar.Z
Agressively optimizing compiler, produces very efficient code
Licensed under GNU GPL

rscheme, at http://www.rscheme.org/
Interpreter, compiles to C. Object oriented, has a bunch of extensions.
Extremely liberal license.

SCM, at http://swissnet.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/SCM.html
Interpreter, compiles to C.
Licensed under GNU GPL

Gambit-C, at http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~gambit/
Interpreter, compiles to C.
Non-commercial use only

Scheme->C, at
Compiles to C

scsh, at ftp://ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu/pub/su/scsh/scsh.tar.gz
The scheme shell, meant primarily for UNIX scripting
Non-commercial use only

Interpreter only, intended as an extension language
Very liberal license


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Sun, 07 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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