scm4e1 Scheme implementation release available. 
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 scm4e1 Scheme implementation release available.

This message announces the availability of Scheme release scm4e1.

New in scm4e1 are:

        * eval.c (copytree): now copies vectors as well.
        * repl.c (quit): now accepts #t and #f values.
        * repl.c (repl): call to my_time() moved to not include READ time.
        * time.c (LACK_FTIME LACK_TIMES): defined for vms.
        * time.c (mytime): now prefers to use times() over clock().
        Compilation constant CLOCKS_PER_SEC doesn't scale when a binary is
        moved between machines.
        * Init.scm (*SCM-VERSION*): added.
        * Makefile (intro): Added message for those who just make.
        Cleaned up and reorganized Makefile.
        * patchlvl.h (PATCHLEVEL): removed.  Whole version now just in
        * unif.c (clist2uve clist2array): removed.

        * unif.c: no longer uses pointer comparisons in loops.  Should
        fix array problems on 8086 processors.
        * unif.c (make_sh_array): Fixes MAKE-SHARED-ARRAY so that shared
        arrays with only 1 element in some direction may still be
        (uve_write uve_read): Fixes bug in UNIFORM-ARRAY-WRITE,
        UNIFORM-ARRAY_READ!.  Now they do the right thing for shared
        bit-arrays not starting at the beginning of their contents vector.
        (array_contents ARRAY-SIMPLE?): ARRAY-CONTENTS may now return a
        shared, contiguous, 1-d array, instead of a vector, if the array
        cannot access all of the contents vector.  ARRAY-SIMPLE? removed.
        (array-fill!): a replacement and generalization of
        (raequal): Combines with uve_equal(), providing also ARRAY-EQUAL?
        ARRAY-EQUAL? is equivalent to EQUAL? if all its arguments are
        uniform vectors or if all are arrays.  It differs from EQUAL? in
        that a shared, 1-d array may be ARRAY-EQUAL? to a uniform vector.
          for example
          (define sh (make-shared-array '#(0 1 2 3) list '(0 1))) ==> #1(0 1)
          (equal? '#(0 1) sh)       ==> #F
          (array-equal? '#(0 1) sh) ==> #T
        (list2ura): Combines list2uve() and list2ura().
        * sys.c (sfgetc): can now return EOF.
        * Init.scm ((read:array digit port)): added.  Most # syntax
        handled in read:sharp.
        * repl.c (iprin1): Characters higher than 127 print as

        * macscm.tar.Z: Macintosh applications building package which
        works with SCM (similar to XSCM).

Scm conforms to Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
and the IEEE P1178 specification.  Scm is written in C and runs under
Amiga, Atari-ST, MacOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, NOS/VE, Unicos, VMS, Unix and
similar systems.  ASCII and EBCDIC are supported.

Documentation is included explaining the many Scheme Language
extensions in scm, the internal representation and how to extend or
include scm in other programs.

SCM can be obtained via FTP (detailed instructions follow) from:

SLIB is a portable Scheme library which SCM uses:

JACAL is a symbolic math system written in Scheme:

HOBBIT is a compiler for SCM code:

SCMCONFIG contains additional files for the SCM distribution to build
SCM on Unix machines using GNU autoconf.

SLIB-PSD is a portable de{*filter*} for Scheme (requires emacs editor):

SMG-SCM is an SMG interface package which works with SCM on VMS.
A VMS version of Unzip is available by anonymous FTP from[ANONYMOUS.MACRO32]UNZIP.EXE.

TURTLSCM is a turtle graphics package which works with SCM on MSDOS
or X11 machines:

XSCM is a X windows interface package which works with SCM:

MacSCM is a Macintosh applications building package which works with
SCM (similar to XSCM).

WB is a disk based, sorted associative array (B-tree) library for SCM.
Using WB, large databases can be created and managed from SCM.

  ftp [] (anonymous)
  cd archive/scm
  get scm4e1.tar.gz
  get slib2a1.tar.gz
  ftp (anonymous)
  cd pub/gnu/jacal
  get scm4e1.tar.gz
  get slib2a1.tar.gz

`scm4e1.tar.gz' is a gzipped tar file of the C code distribution.
`slib2a1.tar.gz' is a gzipped tar file of a Scheme Library.

Files in these directories with the ".gz" suffix are compressed with
patent-free gzip (no relation to zip).  The program to uncompress them
is available from

Remember to use binary mode when transferring the files.
Be sure to get and read the GNU General Public License (COPYING).
It is included in scm4e1.tar.gz.

To receive an IBM PC floppy disk with the source files and MSDOS
and i386 MSDOS executables send $99.00 to:
   Aubrey Jaffer, 84 Pleasant St. Wakefield MA 01880, USA.

If you like scm you can support the developement and maintainence of
it by buying a disk from me or by sending money to the above address.

Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:10:56 GMT  
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