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 Scheme in education

As is well-known to followers of this digest, Terry Kaufman regularly posts
an extensive listing of universities, colleges, and secondary schools that
use Scheme in their courses. Schemers Inc. has recently incorporated this
list into our web site. In order to maximize its usefulness to the Scheme
Community we would like to include links from our web listing back to the
institutions that feature in it.

To that end I encourage each of you to visit the Schools list at


While there, please

 * check any entry relating to your institution
 * send me a brief EMail
   - either confirming or correcting the information provided there,
   - supplying me with any relevant information that is missing, and
   - providing me with all relevant URLs, preferably to pages relating
     to the courses mentioned, but at the very least to your departmental
     home page.

Note also that we provide a Scheme Community News service at


We will gladly post links to announcements of activities, courses,
workshops, etc. that you consider to be of interest to the Scheme
Community. If the announcements in question do not yet appear anywhere on
the web, send us the text and we will post it for you.

Obviously, since we are publishers of Scheme-related products, it is in
Schemers Inc's commercial interest to promote the use of Scheme. Let it be
known, however, that we are educators first, and that our motivation for
entering this business was the conviction that the "right" way to start a
person's computer science education is to give him or her a thorough
grounding in Scheme. As unlikely as it may seem, given the generally
self-serving ethos of American commerce, our reasons for maintaining the
Schools list and the Scheme Community News service are purely altruistic.
We welcome your support.
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