Scheme Library release slib1d4 available. 
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 Scheme Library release slib1d4 available.

This message announces the availability of Scheme Library release

New in release slib1d4 are:
        * getopt.scm (getopt *optind* *optarg*): Posix command line
        processing added.
        * arraymap.scm (array-map! array-for-each array-indexes): added.
        * require.scm (require:feature->path require:require *catalog*):
        associations of the form (symbol1 . symbol2) in *catalog* look up
        symbol2 whenever symbol1 is specified.
        * hashtab.scm (hash-for-each): fixed and documented (also
        documented alist.scm).

        * elk.init: updated to ELK version 2.1.

SLIB is a portable scheme library meant to provide compatibiliy and
utility functions for all standard scheme implementations.

SLIB includes initialization files for Chez, ELK 2.1, GAMBIT,
MITScheme, scheme->C, Scheme48, and T3.1.  Scm4c also supports SLIB.

Documentation includes a manifest, installation instructions, and
coding standards for the library.  Documentation on each library
package is supplied.

SLIB can be obtained via ftp (detailed instructions follow) from:

Programs for printing and viewing TexInfo documentation (which SLIB
now has) come with GNU Emacs or can be obtained via ftp from:

Newly updated files in these directories are compressed with
patent-free gzip (no relation to zip).  The program to uncompress them
is available from

  ftp [] (anonymous)
  cd archive/scm
  get slib1d4.tar.gz

  ftp (anonymous)
  cd pub/gnu/jacal
  get slib1d4.tar.gz

  `slib1d4.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of a Scheme Library.

Remember to use binary mode when transferring the *.tar.gz files.

Fri, 08 Mar 1996 09:28:09 GMT  
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