A recommendation for F&F's "The Little Schemer" 
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 A recommendation for F&F's "The Little Schemer"

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I have often received glossy eyed stares when attempting to explain the
simplicity of recursion or expounded on the "elegance" of Scheme to my
younger sisters. I have often wondered how one can successfully convey the
method of reading, writing, and thinking in Scheme, usually to little
avail, and have found that without the proper guidance the
would-be-Schemer can only see a formalistic thicket of lambda's and

We have here a question of pedagogical approach and guidance--how should
this really be done?

I've just been reading Friedman and Felleisen's new 4th edition to the
"The Little LISPer", now "The Little Schemer", and I think it provides a
successful answer.

It really is a most beautiful little book, written in the playful spirit
of Lewis Carroll's writings (in fact, reminds me most of Carroll's "The
Game of Logic").

If you ever find yourself in the position of teaching Scheme to folks
unitiated in the art and science of computation, you will certainly want
to check this book out.

"The Little Schemer" is nothing short of pedagogically brilliant, and with
great phenomenological sensitivity the authors have captured and conveyed
what it means to read/write/think "Schemingly".

IMO, it should be adopted in highschool cs curriculums, to be used as a
prelude to SICP, which would certainly make the latter more accessible to
the masses.


Jason Voigt / just some guy

Sat, 08 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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