(Fwd) Foreign Function Interface Generator available 
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 (Fwd) Foreign Function Interface Generator available

Date:    Wed Feb  7, 12:02pm PST

Subject: Foreign Function Interface Generator available.

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FFIGEN Release 1 is now available from http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~lth/ffigen.

FFIGEN (Foreign Function Interface GENerator) is a program suite which
facilitates the writing of translators from C header files to foreign
function interfaces for particular language implementations.  It is
based on the lcc C compiler and handles nearly all of ANSI C, including
the preprocessor.  (Missing features are bitfields and general type
qualifiers; support for those will be included in a future version).

This release includes the entire front-end, a back-end for Chez Scheme
version 5, and documents which explain the ideas behind FFIGEN, its use,
and how to write of custom back-ends for you language.

This is a preliminary release; it works but is neither full-function nor
polished.  In particular, installation is crude.

See the Web page for further details, download information, and so on.


Fernando D. Mato Mira                     http://www.*-*-*.com/
Computer Graphics Lab                          
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)  Phone    : +41 (21) 693 - 5248
CH-1015 Lausanne                              FAX      : +41 (21) 693 - 5328

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