Schools using Scheme for CS1 
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 Schools using Scheme for CS1

A few months ago I saw  postings referring to a list of universities
using Scheme for the introductory language, but I don't know where to find
it.  Your indulgence of my ignorance where to look may result in The
Greater Good by allowing me to convince a dept chmn who may be swayed more
by the length of this list than by the merits of the case.

Sun, 24 Nov 1996 07:29:29 GMT  
 Schools using Scheme for CS1

Thanks to those who sent it to me.
Since receiving this, I  have received a number of requests for the list,
so I am reposting it, in the hope that actually circulating this list again,
rather than just giving a pointer to it may reach and influence more people.

Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Subject: Schools Using Scheme
Date: 11 Feb 1994 09:09:11 -0500
Organization: The Internet
Distribution: world

Attached below is our most up-to-date compilation of colleges,
universities, and secondary schools that are using Scheme in
their curricula.  Any additions, deletions, and/or corrections

Here are a few statistics regarding the schools using Scheme:

172 colleges/universities worldwide
    - 64 of these use Scheme in introductory courses
108 colleges/universities USA only
   - 38 of these use Scheme in introductory courses
28 secondary schools worldwide
23 secondary schools USA only

        Colleges/Universities/Secondary Schools Using Scheme

Compiled by:    Terry Kaufman, Schemers Inc.
                (305) 776-7376

Last updated: 02/03/94

Note: `*' indicates Scheme is used in an introductory course

Air Force Institute of Technology
     CSCE623: AI Systems Design

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet, Germany
     004000-0302: Introduction to Programming Techniques in AI

Algoma University College, Canada
     CS3127: Programming Languages

American University
     40.540: Design and Organization of Programming Languages

Bowling Green State University
     CS306: Programming Languages

Brandeis University*
     Cosi21A: Design and Interpretation of Programs

Brown University
     CG110: Introduction to Computation for Cognitive Scientists

Brussels Free University, Belgium
     CS101: Structure of Computer Programs
     CS111: Algorithms and Data Structures
     CS121: Interpretation of Computer Programs

Bucknell University
     CS208: Programming Languages

Cariboo College, Canada*
     CS128: Principles of CS

Carnegie-Mellon University
     15-212: Fundamentals of Computer Science II

Carleton College
     CS100: Scheme
     CS329: Artificial Intelligence
     PHIL100-02: Computers and Thought

Central Connecticut State University
     CS462: Artificial Intelligence

Clarkson University*
     EE262: Symbolic Computation
     MA341: Programming Languages
     MA451: Artificial Intelligence

Colgate University
     COSC202: Introduction to Symbolic Programming

Colorado School of Mines
     MACS400: Principles of Programming Languages

Colorado State University
     ME101/102: Engineering Principles I/II

Columbia University*
     W1001: Introduction to Programming A
     W1007: Introduction to Programming D
     W3107: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Cornell University*
     COMS107: An Introduction to Scheme
     COMS212: Modes of Algorithmic Expression
     COMS463: Robotics and Vision Lab
     COMS472: Artificial Intelligence

Davidson College
     MAT391: Honors Seminar

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands*
     a437: Computer Programming

Ecole Des Mines de Nantes, France*
     Methods & Tools

Fairleigh{*filter*}inson University
     CS335: Non-numerical Computing
     CS434: AI Programming

Florida Atlantic University
     COT5310: Programming Languages

Florida State University
     CIS4930: Introduction to AI Programming

Furman University
     CS24: Programming Languages

George Washington University
     CSC174: Symbolic & Logic Processing for AI

Goshen College
     CS355: Programming Languages
     CS400: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Grinnell College
     CSC297: Artificial Intelligence and Scheme

Gustavus Adolphus College*
     MC27/28: Introduction to Computer Science I/II
     MC04J: Computing In Schools
     MC87: Organization and Theory of Programming Languages

Hanover College*
     CS221: Computer Science I (1/94)
     CS222: Computer Science II (1/94)

Harvard University
     CS152: Principles of Programming Languages

Haverford College
     CS245: Principles of Programming Languages

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
     COMP353: Functional Programming

Indian Institute of Science
     Programming Languages

Indiana University*
     C201: Introduction to Computer Science
     C311: Programming Languages
     C431/432: Assemblers and Compilers I/II
     C463/464: Artificial Intelligence I/II

Iowa State University*
     Com S 227: Introduction to Programming

ITESM-Campus Queretaro, Mexico*
     CB-90-001: Computer Science I

Ithaca College*
     12-171: Principles of Computer Science I

The Johns Hopkins University*
     140: Programming Techniques

Kansas State University
     CIS505: Programming Languages
     CIS798: Functional Programming Languages

Korea University*
     IF208: Programming Languages Structure

La Trobe University*
     CS1: Introduction to Scheme
     CS2: Artificial Intelligence

Lander College*
     CS285: Symbolic Programming

Langara College, Canada
     CS236: Introduction to Functional Programming

Maharishi International University
     Programming Languages

Massachusetts Institute of Technology*
     6.001: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
     6.003: Signals and Systems

Monash University, Australia*
     SFT1110: Introduction to Computer Science

New York University
     G22.2110: Principles of Programming Languages I

North Carolina State University
     CE589G: Computer Methods and Applications in Engineering
     CE689V: Computer-Aided Engineering Systems

Northeastern University
     COM1355: Analysis of Programming Languages
     COM3351: Principles of Programming Languages
     COM3357: Programming Language Semantics

Northern Michigan University
     CP445: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Northwestern University*
     EECSA11: Fundamentals of Computer Programming

Nova University
     CISD700: Theory and Principles of Programming

Oberlin College*
     CS280: Programming Abstractions
     CS341: Operating Systems
     CS364: Artificial Intelligence
     CS386: Denotational Semantics

Ohio Northern University
     CS341/2: Artificial Intelligence I/II

Ohio University
     CS300: Programming Languages

Park College at Tinker Air Force Base
     CS305: Introduction to AI
     CS320: Programming Languages
     CS415: Special Topics

Penn State University
     436: Programming Languages

Portland State University
     CS510: Programming Languages

Princeton University*
     COS117: Introduction to Computer Science

Queen's University, Canada*
     CISC260: Programming Paradigms

Rice University*
     Comp210: Fundamental Concepts of Scientific Computing
     Comp280: Discrete Mathematics
     Comp311/411: Programming Languages
     Comp360: Computer Graphics
     Comp440: Artificial Intelligence
     Comp481: Formal Automata
     Comp513: Compilers

Rockford College
     CS367: Theory of Programming Languages

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
     CS304: Programming Language Concepts

Rowan College*
     0701.102: Introduction to Programming
     704315: Programming Languages

Ryerson Polytechnical University, Canada*
     CPS109/209: Introduction to Computer Programming

Saint Olaf College*
     CS21: Principles of Computer Science

San Jose State University*
     145A/B: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Santa Clara University
     EECS561: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Stanford University
     CS221: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
     CS242: Programming Languages

State University of New York at Albany
     CSI519: Programming Language Design

State University of New York at Plattsburgh
     CSC314: Scheme and Prolog Programming

Swarthmore College*
     CS20: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
     CS44: Implementation of Non-Traditional Prog. Langs.

Syracuse University*
     CIS251: Introduction to Computer Science I

Tampere University of Technology, Finland*
     81111: Principles of Programming

Technical University at Munich, Germany
     76513: Methods in Artificial Intelligence

Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology*
     045263: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Texas Tech University
     CS5302: Foundations of CS I & II

Tokyo Institute of Technology*, Japan
     Information Science Experiment I

Toulouse University, France*
     IUP SI 1/2: Introduction to Programming I/II

Trinity University*
     CS101: Laboratory for GISC
     CS301: Great Ideas In Computer Science
     CS316: Functional Language Programming
     CS349: Artificial Intelligence

Tulane University
     466: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

United States Coast Guard, New London, CT
     CS7308: Programming Languages
     CS7316: Artificial Intelligence

Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas*
     CI2611: Structures and Algorithms I
     CI6532: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

University College Cork, Ireland
     CS253/4: Data Structures
     CS355/6: Compiler Theory and Practice

University College of the Okanagan, Canada*
     CS128: Principles of CS

University of Bridgeport
     CS404: Artificial Intelligence

University of Arizona
     ECE473: Software Engineering Concepts

University of British Columbia, Canada*
     CPSC124/126: Principles of Computer Science I/II
     CPSC128: Principles of Computer Science

University of California, Berkeley*
     CS3: Introduction to Symbolic Programming
     CS60A: Introduction to Computer Science

University of California, Irvine
     131A/231A: Computational Physics

University of California, Los Angeles*
     CS22: Symbolic, Functional & Recursive Programming
     CS161: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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