R4RS in Emacs-Info-format? 
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 R4RS in Emacs-Info-format?

Does anyone know if R4RS exists in GNU Emacs Info-format?

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Wed, 03 May 1995 08:31:08 GMT  
 R4RS in Emacs-Info-format?

   Does anyone know if R4RS exists in GNU Emacs Info-format?

As it happens, I was just about to ask the same. I have chapter 6
(Standard Procedures) in info format, but the conversion is far from
finished. Anyway, I've made it available for anon. ftp as
cs.tut.fi:/pub/src/languages/schemes/misc/r4rs-info.tar.Z. Here's the
The file r4rs-latexinfo.tex contains chapter 6 (Standard Procedures)
of r4rs in the GNU Latexinfo format. The file r4rs is the same thing
converted to Emacs info format by `M-x latexinfo-format-buffer'. The
conversion to latexinfo is by no means finished, let alone elegant,
but it has been useful as a quick reference to r4rs procedures. I
will work on it again some day...

I got Latexinfo from nic.funet.fi, but archie says it is available in
many places carrying GNU stuff.

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Sat, 06 May 1995 01:41:38 GMT  
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