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BDK is the Bigloo(k) Developer Kit. It consists in suite of development tools
for Bigloo(k) applications. BDK requires Bigloo2.1a (or more recent) _and_
Biglook0.3 (or more recent).

BDK0.1 is an initial version which contains three tools:

 * KBROWSE a graphical source code browser which enables inspections of
   Bigloo modules, functions, variables, macros, classes and extern bindings.

 * KPROF a graphical symbolic profiler of Bigloo(k) applications. KPROF
   reports on percentages of execution time and allocations. KPROF
   displays information relative to the dynamic call graph and to the
   heap configuration of the execution.

 * KBDB a symbolic de{*filter*} of Bigloo(k) applications. KBDB is provided with
   usual de{*filter*} facilities such as breaking, stepping, resuming and
   variables inspection. In addition KBDB is a memory leak tracker. KBDB
   can be used to display by the means of graphic the live objects of the heap.

BDK works in collaboration with the BEE (the Bigloo Emacs
Environment). That is, each tool of BDK is interfaced with the
BEE. More precisely each BDK tool acts as an Emacs plugin. This, BDK
tools are directly invoked from the BEE which makes them largely

Release 0.1 may be download at:

    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~serrano/bdk/bdk.html

That web page does contain screen shots of BDK at work.

 University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis
 650, route des Colles, B.P. 145         F-06903 Sophia-Antipolis, CEDEX

Mon, 08 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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