Language implementation survey 
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 Language implementation survey

We at Elwood Corporation have been performing language implementation
research and are now seeking input from programmers.  Please help us
by answering the following five questions and mailing to

development efforts.

Please mark an x to the left of all yes answers:

        1. What platform do you do your programming on?
           A. Unix (including Unix on PC)
           B. Mac
           C. PC/Windows
           D. other. please specify:
        2. What platform do your final applications run on?
           A. Unix
           B. Mac
           C. PC/Windows
           D. other. please specify:
        3. Do you have a Common Lisp compiler?
        4. What is your preferred programming language?
           Please specify:
        5. In the implementation of that language which you use most,
           where do you think there is significant opportunity for
           A. Standards conformance (ANSI, etc.)
           B. Speed
           C. Size (disk/memory taken by programming environment)
           D. Application delivery (size, req'rd files, licenses...)
           E. Ability to use programs from other languages
              a. C  (Mark an x to the left of the desired language.)
              b. C++
              c. Java
              d. other.  please specify:
           F. Ability to call your programs from other languages
              a. C
              b. C++
              c. Java
              d. other.  please specify:
           G. Program development support (CASE, editors, etc)
           H. Graphical User Interface toolkit
           vendor/product (optional):

Thank you!  Comments?

Wed, 05 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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