"FORGET C" - New HOT Programming Language 
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 "FORGET C" - New HOT Programming Language

Forget C - new website programming language
(8 months of work)

Background :

We are a small kiwi company based in Auckland NZ.
We are a company who have spent a great deal of
time looking at ways in which we can assist web
masters and authors to create great sites.

Out of our programmers' sheer frustration in
taking ages to put together good and useful
web-sites he developed is own language which has
turned out to be a fantastic tool which we use to
develop sites in a 1/10th of the time it used to.

There are a great number of excellent HTML editors
out there, but it became obvious that notepad was
still a cool way to put together web-sites, ONLY
if there were a collection of commands which could
be used to cut down programming time.....the birth
of "FORGET C".

FORGET C is a programming language(not an HTML
editor) which has over 90 commands which can cut
programming time !!!

We would like to make this available free to
people who are willing to give us direct feedback.
Please understand that it is still in development
and welcome suggestions.

Happy to provide copies, simply email me.

Thanks in advance.



Fri, 09 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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