BRL Cabaret now much less annoying 
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 BRL Cabaret now much less annoying

WebAppCabaret just fixed the bug in their banner ad system that was
causing lots of problems for BRL Cabaret.  It now works much better.  Of
course it's not as fast as installing BRL on a server *not* shared with
5300 other Java-based web applications, but I've found it perfectly

I also don't seem to be getting a lot of "connection refused" messages
from, so perhaps they've also fixed some other


I have yet to update the status page regarding these service

(for-each (lambda (str) (display (string-append (make-string (- 40
(quotient (string-length str) 2)) #\space) str)) (newline)) '(""
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Wed, 16 Apr 2003 03:27:55 GMT  
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