ANNOUNCE: Oraguile 0.0 
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 ANNOUNCE: Oraguile 0.0

This is to announce the pre-pre-alpha version of ``Oraguile'': the
Guile interface to Oracle.

For those familiar with Oraperl, Oraguile is to Guile (GNU's
implementation of Scheme) what Oraperl is to Perl.

With Oraguile you can access Oracle SQL files directly from Guile and
execute SQL commands (provided you have Oracle installed on your system).

Tired of using Oracle tools?  Wishing you could s{*filter*}SQL*plus and
do everything in Scheme?
Then, ORAGUILE is for you.

Oraguile requires Guile to already be installed on your system.  Guile
can be obtained from
This is mainly an alpha version, since Guile is changing constantly.

You can get Oraguile from:

Please send any questions, suggestions, or bugfixes to:

Mon, 03 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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