MysterX and MzCOM updates 
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 MysterX and MzCOM updates

New versions of PLT MysterX and MzCOM are available
for download.

For the uninitiated: MysterX is a toolkit that lets
you script COM components from PLT Scheme, and MzCOM
is a COM class that lets you run PLT Scheme code from
COM clients.

The new MysterX is available from:


The new MzCOM is available from:


Changes to MysterX:

  Added optional index argument to
   find-element, find-element-by-id-or-name
   methods of mx-document%
  Added methods get-html, get-text to
   mx-element% class
  Added title method to mx-document% class
  Methods find-element, find-element-by-id-or-name,
   and find-elements-with-tag can return the BODY
   element itself, as well as its children
  When a custodian shuts down an mx-browser% object,
   its Win32 window is destroyed
  Fixed marshalling of BYREF parameters to COM event
   handlers, for several types; added VT_INT and
  Added com-add-ref, com-ref-count procedures
  Secondary Windows event loop checks for
   WM_TIMER messages; some programs were blocking
   on these when run from DrScheme

Changes to MzCOM:

  COM error object is created when
   an error occurs (in addition to
   SchemeError event)


-- Paul

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