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>    I just took a semester of scheme, and I relly don't
>understand the practicality of it.
>  snip, snip
>I was wondering what other people think of scheme, and
>whether it can be useful for programming.

We found Scheme to be practical as an underlying high level
prototyping (scripting) language as the basis for a commercial
software system for data and signal analysis.  I'm not exactly
sure if this is what you had in mind when asking about the
practicality of Scheme,  but it is one aspect of the issue.
How about real-world applications
such as:  radar, sonar, biomedical, acoustics, vibration,
speech, automotive, communications, simulation, etc.

In our product, N!Power, we do our best to provide
lots of "out of the box" functionality with ready-to-run menus
and pop-ups that invoke Scheme scripts that do useful things.
But it's pretty hard to find any product that provides 100% of
a customer's needs, as is.  Built around an object-oriented
kernel, our Scheme-like interpreter gives us an extensible
product that offers users a powerful language to efficiently
make their own specialized scripts, functions and commands to
meet their specific needs.  The need for 3GL coding, compiling
and linking is dramatically reduced, though we do also provide
a mechanism for them to bind in their own 3GL code as
language extensions.

Furthermore, the Scheme syntax supports our "visual
programming" block diagram user interface.  The nested syntax
fits the data flow model of our block diagrams, and allows us
to have a code generator that translates from diagrams to
Scheme.  (If someone is looking for a project, we'll be happy
to provide a free copy of our software to someone who wants to
adapt Hobbit or Scheme-to-C or whatever so that we could go
from blocks to c-code).  We've layered on lots of GUI tools
and added extensions for graphics, dialog boxes,
file I/O and analysis, so we are far from complient.  That's
OK though, because our intentions were to build a product
around an appropriate, currently defined, standard high level
language...and not make up yet another language.

Hope that helps.  See http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~stilarry

Larry Pfeifer                     !         N!POWER
Signal Technology, Inc.           ! Object oriented software
104 W. Anapamu St.                ! for signal analysis, data
Santa Barbara, CA  93101-3126     ! analysis, simulation, data
TEL: 805-899-8300 x350            ! acquisition, & visualization.
FAX: 805-899-4344                 ! Visual programming, C coding,

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~stilarry

Tue, 04 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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