Help me out with this string library, please! 
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 Help me out with this string library, please!

I've written up a proposal for a string-processing library; it has
been put out as SRFI-13, and is currently under review, in the SRFI
discussion period.

I'd like to encourage Scheme implementors and people who do a lot of
string processing -- such as script-writers -- to please go and take a
look at the proposal


It is a fairly complete library. The library has a lot of parallel structure
with the SRFI-1 list library that just went into "final" status. The SRFI-1
library benefited greatly from the discussion phase; I am very happy with the
way that all worked out. I would greatly appreciate feedback on the string

The final product will be a portable, standardised, efficient and powerful
toolkit for hacking strings, which will be a very nice thing for Scheme.

You can also get on the discussion mailing list by sending a subscribe message


Sat, 06 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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