Wanted: Scheme/C, and another question... 
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 Wanted: Scheme/C, and another question...

Matthew Brand writes on comp.lang.scheme.c:

        Would someone be so kind to point me to a respectable public
        domain implementation of Scheme?  I need a control language
        for a C program, and I'd like to embed my functions in a lisp...

... and to the others who requested my findings on this subject ...

My further queries have turned up two seemingly excellent free packages: scm
(by Aubrey Jaffer on altdorf.ai.mit.edu) and elk (by Oliver Laumann on
export.lcs.mit.edu) which are designed to do what you describe.
[Thanks again to everyone who has helped me! - please see the related
postings for details...]

I am just starting to do a test implementation of a C/Scheme gemisch (sp?)
with elk and scm myself and will be happy to email notes of my
personal experiences to anyone when I know what they are...

SO, ANOTHER QUESTION TO THE LIST: I would really like to hear what
experiences and gotcha's other people have had/found in using
integrated C/Scheme with either elk or scm. Particularly: is the
resulting code reliable and robust?  Are there undocumented things I
should know now?

[FYI: As my previous posts have described, I have the complication
that some level of portability of the C/Scheme mish-mash to non-Unix
platforms (Mac/PC/VMS) is an additional goal for me. I know: just
getting the C and scheme to port separately is work... Using GCC all
around seems like a good idea and scm has the desired portability -
any other suggestions?]

- Steve L

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, 9 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

Fri, 01 Jul 1994 08:17:26 GMT  
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