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"Lucky Ones" Issue - 1 of 1 -- original composition 4/20/99
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almost everything

Dear Subscribers and Friends:

Hey kids how ya doin'.  Let me start this out by telling you a little about myself.  My
name is Matt Foley.  I'm 35 years old.  I am divorced and...I live in a van down by the

Just kidding.  I am a 22 year old starving college student and my name is not Matt
Foley.  Let me rephrase that.  I am now a 22 year old college student minus the
starving...YES YES YES.  Oops, sorry about that, it must be the herbal essence
shampoo.  Not really.  But that is how I feel all day everyday now.  I don't worry about
bills, investment, or retirement any more.  As a matter of fact, I don't worry about
anything any more.  All my worries went straight down the drain.  And all because of
ONE thing -- mass email.  

WHOA.  Before you race down and delete this message, hear me out.  IT WORKS.  
lies, no scams, nothing up my sleeves folks...THIS WORKS and better than I could
have ever imagined.  Three months ago I was a starving student with a computer, the
internet, an email account, and a 40 hour a week job.  And like everyone else my
account received junk mail.  I read some and I deleted others like all of us but one day
just stopped and thought about it for a moment.  If I receive all this email trying to sell
me something that I really wanted and the only reason I didn't buy it was because I
was pinching pennies then those emails must be working for someone.  

Out of all the classes I have taken, college as a whole has taught me this --
In other words, "Grab the world by the tail.  Pull it down.  Wrap it around.  And put it
in your pocket."

So I decided to do some research.  And what have I got to lose.  The beggars in the
major cities make around $75 a day and now in San Francisco they can accept credit
cards.  I was lucky to make that kind of money breaking my back and only if the tips
were good.  Some may not consider that good money at all, but as a 22 year old
student it worked for me.  And I don't know the first thing about credit cards.  I still
don't.  My research turned out better than I could have ever expected.

Mass emailing worked for me the FIRST time.  One of the programs I used would
collect a minimum of 1,000 new email addresses for me an hour so I ran the program
night.  When I woke up in the morning the program had collected over 8,000
for me and it took out all of the duplicates.  Then I ran another program to send all of
those addresses my letter and it doesn't even use your Internet Service Provider's
email server.  It makes your computer the email server so no complaints or shut off
service from my ISP.

It sent all of the emails in under two hours while I was at class.  I did this for three days
and sent to a total of 25,000 unique email addresses.  I didn't do anything for the rest
of the week.  So that week I worked on emailing a total of ONLY three hours.  That's all.  
It's still hard for me to believe.  Every time I think about it...YES YES YES.

From those 25,000 people I had a total response of 2%.  That comes to a total of 500
people wanting to buy my product.  We'll just say that the product I was selling at the
time was $10.  That means that I made a total of $5000 for three hours worth of work.  
And $2500 of that I received within the first ten days.  I had never made that kind of
money before so as you can guess I was really REALLY surprised.  And that was all
unsolicited email.  That's why it was such a small percentage...not that it really
mattered.  Now I have a few ever changing free webpages that state basically the
thing as this letter.  But in the page is an option to submit you or your friends email to
receive this very letter.  That makes this letter solicited email from which you can
expect a larger percent of returns.  As you can see though, both unsolicited and
solicited email work EXCELLENT.  They both still work for me.

Maybe you think I must have a few computers or at least a real powerful one.  The
truth is I don't.  I only have one computer.  It is 100mhz, 32mb ram, less than 1 gig hard
drive, and A 14.4kbps modem.  The programs I use take up less than 10mb of space.  
Well, saved addresses take up space too.  Yep, 10mb can hold over 300,000
And yes I will get a better computer in the future, but at the moment I'm ENJOYING my

You're probably asking yourself, "Is this guy gonna get to the point or just talk my ear
off?" Well...I'm gonna do both.

What I'm offering you is a 10 page report titled "Mass Email Strategies and
You'll see the table of contents listed below along with a small description of each
section.  It is packed full of all my tried and true methods, 150+ hours of internet
research, plus two example letters to get started.
All for
only $15 and
shipped directly to the email address of your choosing.

WHY should you INVEST your hard earned $15 and .33 cents to buy my report that
you could  compile yourself?  My top three answers are IT WORKS, IT WORKS, and
you guessed it...IT WORKS.  I could write a small book as to why you should buy this
report but here are just a few examples:  
**The only reason it worked for me was because I tried.
**If I only had enough money to buy food or this report without a doubt I would buy
this report and dine on my lawn grass for the next two weeks because after that it's just
champagne wishes and caviar dreams.
**It works in any country and in any language.
**DO NOT let this pass you by it is THE chance of a lifetime.
**I've done everything for you -- like burning the midnight oil for a month and a half.
**It is now foolproof.  I can say that because I'm an expert in that field.
**If you sent to me today, you could be seeing the same results I had in two weeks if
not better.
**After you buy this report the only thing you have to do is read it, download the
programs mentioned within it, collect addresses, send one of my letters to all your
freshly gathered addresses, check your mail, open envelopes, and skip all the way to
the bank.  And of course the best part of all...YES YES YES.

"Mass Email Strategies and Legalities"
table of contents
--Mass Email Facts (the real news about mass email for sales, advertising, and
anything else you can dream's limitless)
--Let's Start (an efficient state of mind to get into regarding mass email and all the
programs I use [*all of the programs I use have a one month FREE trial])
--Start-up Cost's (other than a computer and the internet the ONLY thing you need to
spend  YOUR MONEY [$15 and a .33 cent stamp] on is THIS REPORT after that you'll
be spending OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY for EVERYTHING you may need)
--Laws Regarding Mass Email (mass email sent correctly is 100% LEGAL)
--Pre-Compiled Address Lists=BAD!! (DO NOT buy someone else's mailing list. It has
already been used.)
--The How To's of Sales Letters (the do's and dont's of writing sales letters)
--Let's Start Sending (YES YES YES...this is the fun part)
--AOL (how to get your emails delivered to aol customers)
--More Questions Answered (my methods -- how and why they work)
--Email Hearsay (lies about mass email being illegal and supposed spam)
--Troubleshooting (use this and the FAQ section to answer any other questions you
--FAQ's (if that doesn't work my personal email is in this section so write me)
--Example Letter 1 (pre-written letter for you to use -- both of these worked for me)
--Example Letter 2 (you don't even have to write a letter if you don't want to)


Cash, Money Orders, Personal and Business Checks Accepted
Make Money Orders And Checks Out To:  MOSSHOLDER
Write The EMAIL Address You Want The Report Sent To On A Piece Of Paper And
Wrap Your $15 Payment In It.  Then

Send to:
P O BOX 20519

Report Sent Out The Day Of Receipt For Cash And Money Orders.  
Report Sent Out The Day The Check Clears For Checks.  

Forwarding and Error Info:
**Forward this report to everyone you want to be toasting and relaxing with in a
or two for the rest of your life**

*This report was sent to you because
1. You registered yourself to receive this report.
2. Your friend or colleague registered you to receive this report.  
3. Someone may have forwarded this to you.
4. Someone registered what they thought to be a false address (lucky you, unlucky

This is a ONE time report.  No others will be sent. That's why there's no removal link.
If you are still concerned as to why you received this report and you must get to the
bottom of this then direct all questions to the individual that sent it to you.

        - Thank you! -
- xie xie, kansha suru, kiitos, takk, danke, merci, multumiri, grazie, gracias, obrigado,
dank, hvala, tack, tak, dziekuje, dekuji, koszonom, tesekkur, terima kasih, dankon,
spasibo, efcharisto', todah, alf shukre, asante -
- and thanks to the other 1700+ languages I don't know how to say thanks in -

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