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 IWMM, last call for papers


                            CALL  FOR  PAPERS

               International Workshop on Memory Management
                              St Malo, France
                         September 16th-18th 1992

High level languages, like Lisp, ML, Scheme, Smalltalk, Modula-3, C++,
Prolog, constraint languages, etc. rely heavily on a very important
feature of their runtime systems, namely Memory Management (MM) of
dynamically allocated storage.  Techniques, such as static program
analysis, are also designed to improve the efficiency of
implementations. Both static and dynamic MM, depend on the language
they have been designed for.  However, the problems which are handled
and solved by MM are very general and it is worth looking at them as
fundamental problems with general solutions.
     This three-day workshop offers an opportunity to bring together
communities of researchers working on a common problem but with
different backgrounds and approaches.  For example, the workshop could
be a good place for a spirited discussion between garbage collection
"purists", attached to the specificities of a language and
"pragmatists", who consider the environment as being as important as
the language itself.
     Both original research papers and survey papers on practical and
theoretical approaches to MM are welcome. A non-exclusive list of
topics of interest follows :

      Garbage Collection (GC)              Incremental GC
      Parallel, real-time GC               Compile time GC
      Conservative GC                      Correctness and analysis
      Environment structures               Register allocation
      Static / Dynamic MM                  Explicit / Implicit MM
      Backtracking mechanism and MM        Lazyness and MM
      Constraints and MM                   Persistance of objects and MM
      MM for parallel languages            MM on distributed systems
      Hierarchical memories and MM         Hardware and OS support for MM
      Integrating GC with existing environments

  Program committee :

J. F. Bartlett (USA), Y. Bekkers (F), H. Boehm (USA),
M. Bruynooghe (B), J. Cohen (USA), B. Lang (F),
D. A. Moon (USA), C. Queinnec (F), D. Sahlin (S), T. Yuasa (J)

  Organisation :

The workshop is organised by INRIA Rennes. In cooperation with ACM
SIGPLAN.  The worshop will be limited to about 60 participant to
encourage discussion. Springer Verlag is planing to publish the
proceedings of the workshop in its the LNCS series.

  Deadlines :

      March 27th 1992          Submission deadline
      May 29th 1992            Notification of acceptance
      June 27th 1992           Camera-ready papers due

  Papers should be mailed to :

Yves Bekkers,
INRIA/IRISA, Av. du General Leclerc,
35042, Rennes CEDEX, France

Tel : (+33) 99 84 71 00
Fax : (+33) 99 38 38 32
Telex : Unirisa 950 473 F

  Contributions :

Send five copies of your paper.  Submission should include the title
and authors' name(s), address(es), phone number(s), FAX number(s) and
E-mail address(es) if available. An abstract and a list of key words
should be included. Original papers should not exceed 6000 words
including references ; survey papers should not exceed 7000 words.
Abstracts should not exceed 200 words.

| Yves Bekkers                             | Phone :    +33 99 84 74 24 |
| IRISA/INRIA-Rennes                       | FAX :      +33 99 38 38 32 |
| Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu         | Telex :   UNIRISA 950 473F |


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