Minimal OOP support 
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 Minimal OOP support

For those interested in OOP in Scheme, here is a minimal system I have
used in the past.  It doesn't have any bells and whistles but it is
simple and fairly portable (you need macros however).


; Minimal object support for Scheme
; Sample use:  We want to have a `print' procedure that behaves like `write'
; except that numbers are written in base 2, dot notation is used
; for lists and a special format is used for VEHICLE structures.
;    (define (default? x) #t)
;    (define-method default? (print obj) ; order of definitions is important...
;      (write obj))                      ; search is done from last to first
;                                        ; so this is the last to be tested.
;    (define-method number? (print obj)
;      (display "#b")
;      (display (number->string obj 2)))
;    (define-method pair? (print obj)
;      (display "(")
;      (print (car obj))
;      (display " . ")
;      (print (cdr obj))
;      (display ")"))
;    (define-struct vehicle registration-id weight nb-wheels)
;    (define-method vehicle? (print obj)
;      (display "#<VEHICLE id:")
;      (print (vehicle-registration-id obj))
;      (display ">"))
;    (print (list 1 'hello '(2 3) (make-vehicle 14 2000 4)))  -->
;       (#b1 . (hello . ((#b10 . (#b11 . ())) . (#<VEHICLE id:#b1110> . ()))))
; Note: This code was written for Gambit.  The `##' prefix on identifiers
;       should be removed for other Scheme systems.

(##define-macro (define-method . args)

  (define (err) (error "Ill-formed `define-method'") #f)

  (define (def-method classes name parms body)
    `(DEFINE ,name
       (##MAKE-METHOD ',name

  (let loop ((args args) (classes '()))
    (if (pair? args)
      (let ((rest (cdr args)) (arg (car args)))
        (cond ((symbol? arg)
               (loop rest (cons arg classes)))
              ((pair? arg)
               (let ((name (car arg)) (parms (cdr arg)))
                 (if (and (pair? classes) (symbol? name) (pair? rest))
                   (def-method classes name parms rest)

(define (##make-method name proc . classes)
  (let ((method-descr (assq name ##method-descriptors)))

    (if (not method-descr) ; first definition?

      ; create new method descriptor...

      (let ((method-descr
              (cons name (cons #f (map (lambda (x) (cons x proc)) classes)))))

        (define (generic-proc self . rest)
          (let loop ((l (cddr method-descr)))
            (if (pair? l)
              (let ((entry (car l)))
                (if (((car entry)) self)
                  (apply (cdr entry) self rest)
                  (loop (cdr l))))
              (error "Method is not defined for this object:"
                     (car method-descr) self))))

        (set-car! (cdr method-descr) generic-proc)

        (set! ##method-descriptors (cons method-descr ##method-descriptors))


      ; update method descriptor if it existed before...

      (let ()

        (define (add-entry class)
          (let ((new-entry (cons class proc)))
            (let loop ((l (cddr method-descr)))
              (let ((entry (car l)) (rest (cdr l)))
                (cond ((eq? (class) ((car entry))) ; replace entry
                       (set-car! l new-entry))
                      ((pair? rest)
                       (loop rest))
                      (else ; add at head of dispatch table
                       (set-cdr! (cdr method-descr)
                         (cons new-entry (cddr method-descr)))))))))

        (for-each add-entry classes)

        (cadr method-descr)))))

(define ##methlasses)

        (cadr method-descr)))))

(define ##method-descriptors '())

; `Define-struct' is not strictly necessary for the object system but
; it is useful to define new data types.

(##define-macro (define-struct name . fields)

  (define (err) (error "Ill-formed `define-struct'") #f)

  (define (sym . strings) (string->symbol (apply string-append strings)))

  (if (symbol? name)
    (let ((name-str (symbol->string name)))
      (let loop ((l1 fields) (l2 '()) (i 1))
        (if (pair? l1)
          (let ((rest (cdr l1)) (field (car l1)))
            (if (symbol? field)
              (let* ((field-str (symbol->string field))
                     (field-ref (sym name-str "-" field-str))
                     (field-set! (sym name-str "-" field-str "-set!")))
                (loop rest
                      (cons `(DEFINE (,field-set! X Y) (VECTOR-SET! X ,i Y))
                            (cons `(DEFINE (,field-ref X) (VECTOR-REF X ,i))
                      (+ i 1)))

             (DEFINE ,(sym "##tag-" name-str) (LIST ',name))

             (DEFINE (,(sym name-str "?") X)
               (AND (VECTOR? X) (= (VECTOR-LENGTH X) ,i)
                    (EQ? (VECTOR-REF X 0) ,(sym "##tag-" name-str))))))))

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