Scheme Programmer Job Opening for San Diego 
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 Scheme Programmer Job Opening for San Diego

--- Career Opportunity: Entry-Level/Experienced Software Programmer ---

Are you a talented software developer interested in pursuing
breakthrough technology? Derivation Systems, Inc. is looking for
like-motivated and qualified individuals to join us in developing key
technologies to solve problems in Electronic Design Automation and
Embedded Systems.

The position requires strong independent thinking and creative problem
solving. Expert software developers are needed who are capable of
analyzing and implementing complex concepts at multiple levels of
abstraction. Successful candidates will be challenged by a fast-paced
work environment and encouraged by highly motivated and competent
co-workers. While you can expect the workload to be high, the right
candidates will find the technology perhaps the most interesting of
their careers. If you have a strong interest in automating
higher-Ievel reasoning about both hardware and software systems, you
are especially encouraged to apply.

Selected individuals will be working on a variety ofNASA and
Department ofDefense projects. One such project is the development ofa
secure reconfigurable computing platform based on our proprietary
Formal Synthesis technology. Under this contract, Derivation Systems
will design and develop a new generation of embedded network computers
that will provide enhanced Internet security. The systems will be
capable of executing "safe" JA V A applets in network based secure
application servers. These embedded systems can be dynamically
configured for application specific computing to speed up computation
and enhance security using SRAM based FPGA technology. Example
applications are network security scanners, information
farming/gathering applications and secure database servers.

We are looking for talented individuals with a strong mix of
programming skills. Background in programming languages and/or
compilers, and graphical user interfaces is a plus. The job requires
expertise in large system design using Lisp/Scheme. Key technologies
will also be developed using JA V A, TCL/TK, and Verilog/VHDL. Strong
analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to work in a
team environment is a must.

About Derivation Systems

Derivation Systems, Inc. develops and markets language-based EDA tools
integrating formal synthesis into mainstream hardware design
environments and custom hardware/software solutions for embedded
systems. Targeting high-Ievel design abstraction, Derivation Systems'
work spans the areas of behavi{*filter*}synthesis, simulation, and formal
verification. Using our methodology, chip designers find hardware
specification, synthesis, and verification an intuitive process. We
specialize in the development of leading edge technologies for NASA,
Department ofDefense, and the avionics industry.

DSl's primary R&D facilities are located in a high technology center
in the picturesque coastal town of Carlsbad, California
--approximately 30 miles north of San Diego. We offer competitive
salary and benefits package and an excellent work environment.

To find out more about Derivation Systems, visit our website at

Send resume and cover letter to:

Human Resources
Derivation Systems, Inc.
5963 La Place Court, Suite 208
Carlsbad, California 92008
Tel: (760) 431-1400
Fax: (760) 431-1484

Derivation Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to
affirmative action and work force diversity.

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