ODBC for PLT Scheme 
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 ODBC for PLT Scheme

SrPersist ("Sister Persist") is an ODBC interface for PLT Scheme
(DrScheme and MzScheme).  Using SrPersist, you can access any
relational database with an ODBC driver.  Most relational databases
have ODBC drivers for platforms they run on, and often have drivers
for running clients on remote platforms.

For Windows, SrPersist includes a precompiled .DLL that
uses the MS ODBC Driver Manager.  You can recompile the
.DLL to use another Driver Manager.  For Unix's and the Mac,
a sample Makefile and Code Warrior project file are supplied;
you can link in the Driver Manager of your choice.  A compile-time
flag lets you choose the version of the ODBC API supported
by your Driver Manager.

SrPersist implements ODBC for Scheme, but not much else.
Using SrPersist as a foundation, we plan to implement
a higher-level database layer that hides the details of ODBC.
We have some of the features of that layer sketched out,
but we welcome suggestions.

Here at Rice, PLT is using SrPersist to collect data from Web pages
into a database server running on a remote host.

SrPersist is distributed in .plt format, suitable for installation
over DrScheme v101 or MzScheme v101.  Download it from:



-- Paul

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