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 Multithreaded PreScheme

I am pleased to announce the availability of a technical report titled

A Verified Compiler for Multithreaded PreScheme


William M. Farmer and John D. Ramsdell




Multithreaded PreScheme is a systems programming language for
high-assurance systems.  It is based on Vlisp PreScheme, a systems
programming language dialect of Scheme developed by the Vlisp project.
Multithreaded PreScheme is an extension of Vlisp PreScheme which
allows programs with more than one thread of control.  This document
describes the language and also a verified compiler which generates
code for MIPS-based architectures.  The two major contributions
described in this report are a proof of the correctness of code
generated for execution in the presence of multiple threads, and a new
code generator that produces substantially faster code than that
produced by the verified compiler for Vlisp PreScheme.


Tue, 28 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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