hacks for remove and remove! 
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 hacks for remove and remove!

I needed implementations of remove, remv, remq, and remove!,
remv!, and remq! to port some Chez code to r4rs.  At the risk
of being flamed ("you dare to call yourself a programmer!?!"),
permit me to expose the following attempts to public criticism
(I learned so much from the exchange about 'list-copy' that it
might be worth the risk :-)

*code ON***********************************************
(define (make-remover test-proc)
  (lambda (item list)
     ( (null? list)                 ; done
       list )

     ( (test-proc item (car list))  ; item at beginning
       ((make-remover test-proc) item (cdr list)) )

     ( else                         ; not at beginning
       (cons (car list)
             ((make-remover test-proc) item (cdr list))) ))))

 (define remove (make-remover equal?))
 (define remv   (make-remover eqv?))
 (define remq   (make-remover eq?)))

'(begin  ; test make-remover; unquote to use
  (let ((x '(a b c d a b c d a a a b b b c c c d d d a a a)))
    (display (remove 'a x)) (newline)
    (display x)             (newline)
    (display (remv 'a x))   (newline)
    (display x)             (newline)
    (display (remq 'a x))   (newline)
    (display x)             (newline)))

(define (make-!-remover test-proc)

  (define (remove-from-middle before-cell cell)
    (set-car! cell '())
    (set-cdr! before-cell (cdr cell))
    (set-cdr! cell '()))

  (define (make-rest-remover test-proc)
    (lambda (item orig-list before-cell cell)
       ( (null? cell) orig-list )

       ( (test-proc item (car cell))
         (let ((after-cell (cdr cell)))
           (remove-from-middle before-cell cell)
           ((make-rest-remover test-proc)
            item orig-list before-cell after-cell)) )

       ( else
         ((make-rest-remover test-proc)
          item orig-list cell (cdr cell)) ))))

  (lambda (item list)
     ( (null? list)                 ; done

     ( (test-proc item (car list))
       (let ((a (cdr list)))
         (set-car! list (car a))
         (set-cdr! list (cdr a))
         (set-car! a '())
         (set-cdr! a '())
         ((make-!-remover test-proc) item list)) )

     ( else
       ((make-rest-remover test-proc)
        item list list (cdr list)) ))))

 (define remove! (make-!-remover equal?))
 (define remv!   (make-!-remover eqv?))
 (define remq!   (make-!-remover eq?)))

'(begin  ; test make-!-remover; unquote to use
  (let ((x '(a b c d a b c d a a a b b b c c c d d d a a a)))
    (display (remove! 'a x)) (newline)
    (display x)              (newline)
    (display (remv! 'b x))   (newline)
    (display x)              (newline)
    (display (remq! 'c x))   (newline)
    (display x)              (newline)))

*code OFF*


Mon, 21 Mar 1994 22:56:36 GMT  
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