SNFS -- Scheme-extensible NFS 
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 SNFS -- Scheme-extensible NFS

Because of the number of requests I've received for SNFS, the
Scheme-extensible NFS server for Linux, I have decided to release a
snapshot of the source code.

Warning: This is snapshot-quality work.  The manuals are incomplete so
you will probably have to read both C and Scheme source code.  You may
find areas that are clearly "not done" even though I believe that the
system is useful as it stands.   This system is only known to work on
Linux though who knows -- it may be portable elsewhere.

Included in this release are:

Systas Scheme: yet another Scheme interpreter derived from SCM.
  Systas Scheme is close to GNU Guile and some of us have been talking
  about ways to merge the two back into a single implementation.

  With Systas Scheme, you get both a C library, and a stand-alone

SNFS: a Linux user-space NFS server, modified so that it can be extended
  by writing Systas Scheme programs.   Any file system trick you can
  perform with the GNU Hurd you should be able to perform with SNFS
  (although the Hurd should provide much better performance for user-space
  file systems).

Various Scheme and C Libraries:  included are

        Rx -- fast Posix pattern matching
        net -- Scheme code for ftp and pop3 clients
        lang -- Scheme code for lexical analyzers
                and shift-reduce parsing
        goonix -- Scheme code for managing processes

Systas Scheme has features like:

        shared substrings -- a data structure that can help
                cut down on the amount of string-copying
                that Scheme programs do

        unix -- most of the Posix-specified system calls
                and many other libc functions are available
                from Systas Scheme

        pretty good performance -- SCM has many great performance
                characteristics (throughput, load-and-go latency,
                footprint) which Systas Scheme inherits

        cool non-hygenic macro system -- they may or may not be
                semantically ugly, but the low-level macros
                Systas inherits from SCM can do neat tricks

        modules -- we got fancy ones.  Included is an Emacs lisp
                file to help make interactive programming
                with modules fun and easy.

The sources are available by anonymous FTP from:

Thu, 08 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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