ANNOUNCE: The Scheme Repository moves to a new home 
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 ANNOUNCE: The Scheme Repository moves to a new home

This notice is to announce the new home of the Internet Scheme
Repository.  Formerly maintained at York University by Ozan S. Yigit,
this repository will now be maintained at Indiana University by David

Please send administrative mail, comments, suggestions, etc. to our

The repository is available for anonymous ftp use at in the directory "/pub/scheme-repository" and its
subdirectories. The repository has been in place for a little over one
month with no major difficulties so far.

Material may now be uploaded directly to the repository.  Such
material may be placed in the "incoming" subdirectory which is set
writable for anonymous ftp users.  Please send a brief description of
any uploaded material to the administrative address.  It would also be
helpful if you could tell us in which directory of the repository you
think you contribution belongs.

The repository is currently being reorganized.  Some new directories
may be added and existing ones subdivided in the near future.  Already
in place are three new directories:
    incoming - mentioned above
    instruct - Contains instructional material which does not fit into
               any other category (or packages which fit into no
               single category).
    unknown  - Contains material of unknown utility or source.  Help
               in identifying such material will be appreciated.
For the time being, however, the new repository structure will remain
nearly identical to the old.

The README file is included below.

David Eby and John Zuckerman
The Internet Scheme Repository

This is a Repository for the Programming Language Scheme, maintained
for the benefit of the scheme community.

This repository is maintained by David Eby and John Zuckerman.
Questions, comments, etc. may be sent to our administrative address,

Many thanks to Ozan S. Yigit, founder of the original scheme
repository at York University, for all his help.

The repository currently consists of the following directories:

        arc     - Various archieval material, such as mailing lists.

        bib     - the Scheme bibliography (bib/refer, bibtex, printable)

        doc     - miscellaneous docs, including revised reports (R4RS) the
                  text of various macro proposals.

        ext     - extraneous stuff, extensions etc.

        imp     - Most of the publicly distributable scheme implementations

        incoming- Anonymous ftp writable directory for uploading material
                  to be included in the repository.

        instruct- Material (other than literature) which is designed
                  primarily for instruction.

        lit     - machine readable parts of various books

        new     - Any "new" contributions, noteworthy items.

        txt     - machine readable forms of various scheme-related tech
                  reports, conference papers, etc.  The latest version
                  of Mark Kantrowitz's Scheme FAQ is kept here as well.

        scm     - lots of scheme code meant for benchmarking,
                  library/support, research, education, and fun.

        unknown - These are files of unknown utility and likely of
                  unknown origin.  Information regarding the use
                  or author of these is welcome.

        utl     - utilities (schemeweb, SLaTeX)

If you have anything that *you* would have wanted to see in such a
repository, than please consider contributing to this repository.

Your contributions may be uploaded directly into the incoming
directory using anonymous ftp.  Please send a short note to us
describing any uploaded material.

The Scheme Repository is mirrored in Europe:

Fri, 04 Oct 1996 20:41:59 GMT  
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