mit-scheme-7.3 edwin/*.bci runtim/*.bci libraries 
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 mit-scheme-7.3 edwin/*.bci runtim/*.bci libraries

I'm installing mit-scheme-7.3 which I obtained from (and which is currently unavailable).

I obtained three tar files, sparc.tar.gz, sparc-ed-bci.tar.gz, and
sparc-run-bci.tar.gz --- the first untars into the dist-7.3
subdirectory. The other two untar into edwin/*.bci and runtime/*.bci
subdirectories, respectively. I'm also guessing that they are
libraries of some sort.

The question I have is: where do the contents of the edwin and runtime
directories go in the dist-7.3 distribution?

At present, I have been able to infer that the contents of the edwin
library go in either /usr/local/lib/mit-scheme/edwin/etc or

I have no idea where the contents of the runtime library might go.

Any ideas? I'd appreciate the help.


Jozsef A. Toth
University of Pittsburgh
600 Epsilon Drive

Mon, 12 Aug 1996 22:50:29 GMT  
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