How are reusable modules used? 
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 How are reusable modules used?

The PLT Scheme unit system and the ML module system both allow the
programmer to write modules without specifying which other modules
they depend on.  A single PLT unit can be used several times, linked
against a different set of bindings each time.  An ML functor can be
applied several times, to different structures each time, yielding
several distinct structures.

This is very different from the module systems of Modula-2 and Java,
where each module explicitly names the other modules it uses.  The
linkage between modules is fixed, and there is only one instantiation
of each module.

How have people taken advantage of this property, in actual systems
that they have written?  In what circumstances have you instantiated a
single unit or function several times, linking it differently each
time?  I can imagine plenty of quick examples for myself; I'm
interested in hearing how people used this in real systems.

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