mzscheme and emacs M-x compile 
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 mzscheme and emacs M-x compile


I like to use mzscheme under emacs running my programs with
"M-x compile", but I find annoying the fact that "M-x next-error" does
not work.  Obviously, emacs needs a more informative error output
(containing the location of the code where the error happened) to make
next-error to work.  Is it possible to ask mzscheme to write error
messages in a format that emacs compile package can understand?

Thanks, Marco.

Fri, 08 Aug 2003 16:02:01 GMT  
 mzscheme and emacs M-x compile
DrScheme Jr is intended for such use.  See also
PLTHOME/collects/drscheme-jr/drscheme-jr.el in the distribution.


Sat, 09 Aug 2003 03:12:00 GMT  
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