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 Customization of Edwin - help

Hello everyone,

We have just installed MIT Scheme 7.3 on our RS6000 computer, and
we are trying to find some information concerning customization
of edwin editor. Edwin doesn't seem to handle correctly our
VT220 (or VT100) terminals - i.e. cursor keys don't work, etc.
I believe there must be a very simple solution but I somehow can't
see it.
I will appretiate any comments. We would like to use Scheme for this
semester so we need it running as soon as possible.
Please, use my e-mail address for replies, our USENET system is- I had to use my freenet account to post this message ... :(.

Regards, David.

David Skoupil


David Skoupil
Palacky University, Czech Republic

Sun, 16 Mar 1997 03:44:09 GMT  
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