Accessing environments in scheme48 
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 Accessing environments in scheme48

How can I access the current environment in scheme48? What I want is
something like make-environment (in SICP) or the-current-environment.

I'm trying to get the register machine simulator (which uses
make-environment) in SICP working in scheme48.

How can I implement the equivalent of make-environment or
the-current-environment in scheme48? Is it possible to use a
package instead of an environment? I found make-simple-package and
package->environment browsing the scheme48 code, but I couldn't figure
out how to use them.

The SICP code goes something like this:

        (define (make-new-machine)
                (define ...)

This procedure is supposed to return the environment resulting from the
defines. The bindings in the environment is then accessed and altered
using eval.

Daniel Neri

Fri, 26 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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