Reference request: Prog.Lang, An Interp-Based Appr. 
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 Reference request: Prog.Lang, An Interp-Based Appr.

I don't know if I posted this micro-review in this newsgroup, but the
latest discussion of lisp syntax, and a strong scheme/lisp orientation
of this book makes this a worthwhile re-post.

enjoy.  oz

Programming Languages: An Interpreter-based Approach
Samuel Kamin
Addison-Wesley  ISBN 0-201-06824-9

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This is a book that details programming languages through a study of Apl,
Lisp, Smalltalk, Scheme, Prolog, Clu and Sasl. [some my favorites :-)]

The really unique thing about the book is that it presents a simple (?)
interpreter for each language that highlights the functionality of that
language. Each interpreter is a modification of a simple language
[functions, control structures, variables] interpreter with a lisp-like

The choice of languages is especially interesting: these really cover an
extraordinary collection of concepts, though there are some similarities
between some of them, and they are bundled where they are related: scheme
and sasl, clu and smalltalk etc.

Discussion of each language is done in its lisp-like form [which nicely
hides all the "real life" syntax crud that sometimes tends to overshadow
the really interesting concepts -- nowadays known as C++ syndrome ;-)],
with plenty of *complete* examples highlighting the characteristics of the
language, followed by a section on implementation [i.e.  modifications to
the basic interpreter - each interpreter is written in Pascal, and full
source code included in the appendix] and a section on "the real language".
The discussion of the languages is very thorough. The author does not
short-change the reader just because there is complete source somewhere in
the book. I was pleasantly surprised to find an excellent discussion of
scheme compilation, garbage-collection strategies with source (mark-sweep,
stop-copy, reference-counting), a section on lambda calculus, ML, C++ and
few other gems.

In my view, An excellent book. Good mix of theory and practice, and is
understandable to boot, all with source. It is highly recommended.


Sat, 06 Mar 1993 22:43:12 GMT  
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