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Biglook is a graphical toolkit for the Bigloo system. Even if the
current Biglook implementation relies on the Tk library, Biglook
proposes a high programming level by mapping low level Tk widgets to
Bigloo classes. In that, Biglook programs resemble STk programs.

Biglook enables graphical user interface for Bigloo programs. It is
implemented by the means of a Bigloo library. Programs making use of
Biglook widgets are compiled into native code on the major Unix

The current release 0.3, it compiles
and runs under PC/Linux, Sun Solaris, Digital Unix. The main
differences from release 0.2 are:

 * Few bug fixes.

 * New widgets

 * New features (help balloon, text facilities, ...)

Check the ChangeLog description or the documentation for more details.

Release 0.3 may be downloaded from:

    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~serrano/biglook

announce for release 0.2:

 * Many bug fixes.

 * New widgets (toolbar, emacs like decorated top-level).

 * Better image management (images are now implemented by the
   means of a class).

 * The documentation gets better. Much more widgets are documented.

 * Buttons are now provided with help balloons.

 * Biglook argument parsing has been changed.

announce for release 0.1:

 * Bug fixes.

 * Font chooser.

 * New widgets (notepad, scrollframe, combobox).

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Sat, 06 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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