Scroll bars not working properly 
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 Scroll bars not working properly

Hi all,

I've got a horizontal scroll bar I set up like this:

minimum = 96
maximum = 1271
smallChange = 1
largeChange = 97
value = 1271

The scrollbar starts life with me setting the Value to 1271, and I can
scroll left quite happily, with the NewValue in the event being 1270, 1269,
1268, ...

However, if I try to scroll right, the first NewValue I get is 1175, and no
matter how hard I click the mouse button or fiddle with the thumb, it won't
go above 1175. Now by freaky coincidence, 1271 - 96 just happens to come
down to 1175.

Is there something I should know about scrolling right, or should I only use
scrollbars with minimum = 0?


Tue, 17 May 2005 14:23:29 GMT  
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