Links not working properly in the Object Browser 
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 Links not working properly in the Object Browser

Links not working properly in the Object Browser. When I position the cursor
in the middle of a C# keyword (Open200 in my case), the object browser
opens. The Documents interface is highlighted in the left (Objects) pane,
and the Open2000() method is highlighted in the right pane (Members of
Documents). The definition of the Open2000 method appears beneath these two
panes. The last line in the definition pane says "Member of Word.Document."
When I click the link "Word.Document," I would expect to the Word.Document
object (in the left pane of the Object Browser), but my project is
highlighted instead (the last item in the left pane of the Object Browser)!
Why is this unexpected behavior happening? What do I need to do to get the
Object Browser to connect to the intended target - Word.Document?

Wed, 06 Apr 2005 06:42:54 GMT  
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