Can't Find Namespace? 
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 Can't Find Namespace?

I have a few projects that build and are in turn referenced by another
project, and am having some problems. I have the following assemblies like

DND.Banks - Contains base class and general bank processing information.
Contains namespace DND.Banks
DND.Banks.Bank1 - References DND.Banks, and contains processing code
relevant to the specific bank. Contains namespace DND.Banks.Bank1
DND.Processing - References DND.Banks.Bank1. Contains the namespace

This is where the problem comes in. Within the Processing code, even though
I have DND.Banks.Bank1 referenced, I cannot get to any of the classes or
structs within their without referencing them as such:
Banks.Bank1.Transaction(). I have tried "using DND.Banks;" and  "using
DND.Banks.Bank1" all to no avail. It's not just an IDE thing where the
Intellisense doesn't come up, but the code actually won't compile, stating
that I may be missing a reference or using directive. In fact, it doesn't
just do this for the classes, but it actually tells me it can't find the
namespace Bank1 (which does indeed exist). I'm stuck here, and it really
makes no sense to me.

Thanks for any help,

Thu, 21 Apr 2005 09:21:17 GMT  
 Can't Find Namespace?
When referanceing like this could it be because you have the same methods
for the namespaces?

if you have
using draw
using draw.draw1
 and they both have a rectangle method

you have to declare which namspace you are using to draw the rectangle
because rectangle could be changed in draw.draw1 from draw and the compiler
has no clue which one to use.

Thu, 21 Apr 2005 20:32:41 GMT  
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