Web user control: where's my intellisense? 
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 Web user control: where's my intellisense?

Removing the .dll and .pdb files in the application's bin directory did the
trick. They were regenerated when I recompiled and all was well. Hope this
helps somebody else who gets stuck in this silly predicament.

> Suddenly, an ASP app has lost intellisense for any of the controls that
> reside on my User Control. Any other objects are fine (i.e. the DataSet,
> etc.) but all the textboxes and selection controls have no intellisense in
> my "code behind" C# file. Stranger still, any changes I make to the code
> don't appear in the app as it runs: no compiler error, but the app runs as
> if I've not changed anything! What in the world might have happened?

> Desperate in NC: thanks in advance!

Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:03:25 GMT  
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