deriving from SortedList? 
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 deriving from SortedList?

When I derive from SortedList I want to make it typesafe...

class MySortedList : SortedList
    public void Add(string key, MyItem item)
        base.Add(key, item);


so I make my own version of add that specifically takes a MyItem

but how can I hide all the other add methods so that I can be sure
that only MyItems are in this collection?

also when I try to use my derived class like

foreach (MyItem i in mySortedList)


I get a convertion error on that line? is there any way i can make
thid work too????

should I just create a class that has a sorted list for a member
insted of deriving from it? that seems like the easy way out... i want
to provide direct access to all the members of the SortedList class

Wed, 28 Jul 2004 03:48:03 GMT  
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