How to convert a SafeArray of bytes into a structure 
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 How to convert a SafeArray of bytes into a structure

I've got a COM object with a method that returns a WIN32_FIND_DATA
structure in the form of a SAFEARRAY.

From normal (unmanaged) C++ I can access the data like this:

_variant_t v = m_pComObj->GetOriginalFileDetails( pFileName );

if ( v.vt == ( VT_ARRAY | VT_UI1 ) )
  SAFEARRAY* psa = v.parray;
  /* Check it's what I think it is */
  if ( psa->rgsabound[0].cElements == sizeof( WIN32_FIND_DATA ) )
    WIN32_FIND_DATA * pfd;
    if ( S_OK == SafeArrayAccessData( psa, (void **) &pfd ) )

In C# I've currently got this:

    object w32data = ComObj.GetOriginalFileDetails( fname );

and when I examine the w32data object in the de{*filter*} it appears as an
array of bytes - which I can see are the contents of the
WIN32_FIND_DATA structure.

Short of a horrible brute force method, is there a way I can access
this data as a WIN32_FIND_DATA structure from C# ?

Dave Lowndes
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