This is a biztalk question but probably an easy question for you C# guru's 
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 This is a biztalk question but probably an easy question for you C# guru's

I am new to C# and biztalk.... I downloaded the .NET toolkit for biztalk and
am trying the Interchange example that came with it.

When I execute the submit method everything works fine.  But when I try the
submitsync method I get an exception "Specified Cast is not Valid"
Can someone look at this code and tell me what I'm doing wrong.  I am very
grateful for your help.

BTSInterchange interchange = new
TALK_OPENNESS_TYPE_NOTOPEN,"", "", "", "", "",
"ch_from_an_organization_convert837toECSIFv4", "", "", 0);

string responseDoc = "";
string strDirFilename = "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator
for HIPAA\\Samples\\Claims Processing\\TestData\\837I.txt";

// Submit into BizTalk and obtain submission handle
string submissionID = interchange.Submit(CF.readFile(strDirFilename));

If I change this previous line to:
string submissionID = interchange.SubmitSync(CF.readFile(strDirFilename),
ref responseDoc);
then it works so I assume the 'Specified cast is not valid' message refers
to the 'ref responseDoc' .

I tried using
string submissionID = interchange.SubmitSync(CF.readFile(strDirFilename),
out responseDoc);
but this gave me a compiler error:

Here is the C++ and VB syntax from Microsoft:

HRESULT SubmitSync(
    BSTR Document,
    BSTR DocName,
    BSTR SourceQualifier,
    BSTR SourceID,
    BSTR DestQualifier,
    BSTR DestID,
    BSTR ChannelName,
    BSTR FilePath,
    BSTR EnvelopeName,
    long PassThrough,
    VARIANT* SubmissionHandle,
    VARIANT* ResponseDocument
[Visual Basic]
object.SubmitSync( _
    Document As String, _
    DocName As String, _
    SourceQualifier As String, _
    SourceID As String, _
    DestQualifier As String, _
    DestID As String, _
    ChannelName As String, _
    FilePath As String, _
    EnvelopeName As String, _
    PassThrough As Long, _
    SubmissionHandle As Variant, _
    ResponseDocument As Variant _

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