How to qualify a global namespace like in C++ 
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 How to qualify a global namespace like in C++

You can use the "using alias"  to resolve  this.

using GSystem=System;
namespace ClassLibraryCSharp
  namespace System
    public class Class1{}
  public class Class2
    System.Class1 C1;
    public Class2()
     ClassLibraryCSharp.System.Class1 C1 = new System.Class1();    
     GSystem.Boolean b = false;    


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>If i want to create a namespace with the same name as a
>global one (System for exemple), i'm unable to use global
>one where mine is visible.

>namespace ClassLibraryCSharp
>  namespace System
>  {
>    public class Class1{}
>  }
>  public class Class2
>  {
>    System.Class1 C1;
>    public Class2()
>    {
>      System.Class1 C1 = new System.Class1();
>      System.Boolean b = false; // Error! Compiler
>mesage : "The type or namespace name 'Boolean' does not
>exist in the class or namespace 'ClassLibrary.System' (are
>you missing an assembly reference?)"
>    }
>  }

>In C++, to resolve ambiguity i can write "::" before
>  ::System::Boolean b = false;
>but how to do such think in C#?


Sat, 23 Oct 2004 08:37:49 GMT  
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