Custom UserControl enum type cannot be seen by designer 
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 Custom UserControl enum type cannot be seen by designer


I make my own textbox. It is my code.

 public class EXTextBox : TextBox
  public enum ValueType
   Integer = 0,
   Decimal = 1,
   Text = 2


In the designer, I can see the property ValueType in the property grid, and
set the value. It is all fine. But after switching design view several
times, the Task List shows "The variable 'ValueType' is either undeclared or
was never assigned." Then reset ValueType property value. Remember runtime
has no problem, just design time has this problem. I have tried to mark enum
attribute as [Serializable] but it doesn't help. Can anyone help solve my


Sun, 19 Sep 2004 01:16:53 GMT  
 Custom UserControl enum type cannot be seen by designer

public enum ValueType{Integer = 0, Decimal = 1, Text = 2}
public ValueType myValue = 0;
public ValueType MyValue
        return myValue;
        this.myValue = value


I hope it helps.


Sun, 19 Sep 2004 05:39:09 GMT  
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