Implementing Real Time 
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 Implementing Real Time

  I need some help here. I am a beginner to C# and of
course I not sure whether c# can do this or not.
Last time i use java applet especially a online chat room,
when a user enter a message it will "automatic" update the
online chat room. It will update the online chat room as
long someone post up a message. The message will be store
in database (assume using microsoft sql server 2000)

  I do not want to refresh my web app every second but
only necessary where, when someone post up something (just
assume my web app is a forum). I found out this current
newsgroup does not have this feature.

  Is there any c# code implementation for this? I just
want to learn how to do real time? Does timer comes in

  But if i do real time on online forums, is it possible.
I am worried and i believe microsoft had think of this
issue earlier than me and why they didn't do real time on
their forums. I think there is some problems. Can share
that with me. Thank you. :D

Chua Wen Ching

Thu, 14 Apr 2005 12:47:14 GMT  
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