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 Page Navigate?

I apologize if this has been asked.  I saw some references to similar questions but they've been scrubbed from the server.  I'm writing an ASP.Net app using C# code-behind.

I have your standard two frame app with a header frame that has a menu bar--using the IE tab strip control--and a content frame.  Based on which tab they select I can do a postback, check the selected index and determine what page they want to show in the main frame.  Question:  How do I force the main frame to navigate to the selected page?  I know how to do this with Javascript and or IFrames but I want to use as much Asp.Net as possible, at least until the performance needs tweaking.  I want something similar to the IE Treeview control's 'Target' property and 'Navigate' methods.

Any suggestions?  I've thought of adding a hidden HTMLLink to the header and then using client script forcing it to navigate but this seems to mix client and server script more than I want and is, frankly, a kludgy approach.  There must be a Page Navigate capability but if so it isn't obvious from the documentation....


Sun, 04 Jul 2004 08:47:48 GMT  
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